The Short Sale Gal, Kristine Zelazo, founder of The Bird Dog Program, is pleased to announce a new affiliate program. With this program, members (and non-members) can register to earn commissions for every new member whom they refer. 

To enroll, you simply need to complete the affiliate member form by clicking here. If you’re already enrolled in The Bird Dog Program, you’ll be automatically added to our affiliate program. To get credit for a referral, simply refer the prospective member to The Bird Dog Program website at

Then, instruct them to select your name from the “referrer” drop down menu on the new member questionnaire.

MAKE MONEY AS A BIRD DOG AFFILIATE! The Bird Dog Program is pleased to announce our new affiliate program!

Alternatively, we’ve also included a field where the new member can enter your referrer’s name, in the event you’ve just joined the affiliate program and have not been added into the system. We strive to add new affiliate program members onto our website within 24 hours. We’ll also be providing affiliates with affiliate links in the near future. 

For every new member you refer, you’ll receive a $100 commission. Commissions are paid to affiliate program members once the referral pays the entire program fee in full. We offer affiliate payments via Paypal, although alternate arrangements may be possible on a case-by-case basis.

Members of The Bird Dog Program are automatically enrolled in our affiliate program, so there is no need to enroll. We’ll include you automatically!

If you’re interested in joining the affiliate program, we invite you to sign up by clicking here.

What Makes The Bird Dog Program Unique and Beneficial?

Founded by real estate investor and short sale specialist Kristine Zelazo, better known as The Short Sale Gal, The Bird Dog Program offers unique joint venture opportunities for inexperienced and more seasoned real estate professionals alike. The Bird Dog Program provides numerous benefits, including mentorship and guidance, leads and access to all of the insight, scripts and marketing materials that you need to succeed.

  • Transactions Involve a Joint Venture – As a Bird Dog, you’ll handle real estate transactions by entering into a joint venture with the program. This means you’re provided with far greater protections and less risk than what one might see with many other real estate investing and wholesaling programs
  • There’s No Massive Up-Front Investment or Fee. Some real estate programs have enrollment fees totaling tens of thousands of dollars — upwards of $30,000 in the case of FortuneBuilders. Others require real estate investors to come up with massive lump sums for use as investment capital. With The Bird Dog Program, the one-time enrollment fee ranges from $1,500 to $5,000 (although currently, we’re running a special offer for our Silver Membership, available for just $750!) With these prices, a vast majority of members cover the cost of enrollment with the profit from their first deal! We also offer payments in installments for individuals who cannot afford to pay a lump sum up-front.
  • Access to leads and opportunities. Success really requires access to leads and The Bird Dog Program not only provides you with those leads, but we also offer guidance and strategies for acquiring new leads that can lead to profitable deals. We also encourage our members to connect and network with other members and others in the industry. This can result in lots of future opportunities.
  • One-on-one mentoring and coaching. Most wholesaling, short sale and real estate investing programs involve some form of guidance in the form of webinars and conference calls. But The Bird Dog Program offers far more intensive one-on-one attention. You’ll work one-on-one with one of the industry’s most well-known and well-established short sale experts, who will walk you through your transaction, answering questions and offering guidance. This serves as a wonderful opportunity for professional growth and learning, both for individuals who are new to the industry and even more experienced real estate professionals seeking to find greater success.
  • Access to marketing materials. Depending upon the membership package, program members are provided with a landing page (all membership levels), business cards (all membership levels), social media banners and other marketing resources. Members who wish to elevate their venture to the next level will have access to custom marketing material design services and discounted rates from one of the industry’s most sought-after real estate bloggers, social media marketing experts and web designers. You’ll have everything you need to succeed and reach new levels with your real estate investing career!

When members follow the program recommendations, it’s not a matter of if they’ll close a deal, but when — and it’s all achievable without investing tens of thousands of dollars up-front as is required for most other programs, which provide far fewer resources and minimal one-on-one attention and guidance.

Ready to Get Started in Real Estate Investing?

If you’re getting started in real estate, consider working with a real estate investing mentor like The Short Sale Gal, Kristine Zelazo. Getting started in real estate investing can be somewhat challenging,  but when done right, you can stand to make significant profits. You’ll have lots of advantages in this regard when you work with a real estate investing and short sale expert like Kristine Zelazo, better known as The Short Sale Gal.

Kristine has even launched a new program, called The Bird Dog Program, which is designed to help individuals get involved making money on real estate deals and short sales. 

Based in Florida, Kristine works with both buyers and sellers and she is an experienced negotiator. So if you’re an investor seeking to get started in buying short sales and need a great mentor or wish to pursue a short sale transaction for the sale of your property, turn to Kristine Zelazo, the Short Sale Gal!

To get started with selling your home, simply complete the home pre-sale form to provide Kristine with additional information on the property in question. Then, call800.664.0616, x802.

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